There are 4 different activities within 2 years, organized in the countries of the partner organizations.

The whole project is planned to be carried out using non formal education, experiential, or learning by doing methods. In this method, theoretical input is offered to the learners by qualified trainers (2 trainers from the EU partners) at the initial phase, and then this knowledge is tested or worked upon, through interactive games, activities, simulation and events. The ending phase of this process is always evaluation and reflection where the learning achievements and outcomes become clear to the learners. This is also the way the whole project is set up. On the first phase, we had more theory based Workshop, followed by practical and testing phases in the Job Shadowing, local activities and EVS and in the meantime we had a mid-term Meeting to evaluate the achievements and finally we will come to understand and create the learning outcomes, which is a tool book.

  1. The first mobility was the Workshop held in Amarante, Portugal with 17 youth worker, from Portugal, Romania and Capo Verde, between the 10th and 16th of February, 2016. This period the participant had the chance to take the basics about the project, make new plans and get ready for the next steps. Here is the schedule of the Workshop.


  • 2 Meetings for middle evaluation and planning EVS, held in São Vicente and Ketou for 4 and 5 participants in July 2016 for 5 days. In this time the potential volunteers visited the actual place, where they volunteer for 6 months. They had meeting and workshops about EVS, about the country, the area and special needs of the local organization and village.
  • 2 Job Shadowing activities, held in Kétou, Benin for 1 – 1 youth workers, in September 2016 for 21 and 5 days. The job shadowing was done in health institutions and education centers in Ketou and the participants managed to link a small part of this mobility to support the 3 volunteers logistically.
  • Finally the biggest mobility of the project is the EVS program, both in Benin and Capo Verde. 4 volunteers from Portugal and 3 from Romania are in Africa now and doing their activity in the fields of youtheorkers, clinics, natural areas and local public schools.