Youth Association from Transylvania

ata-kozep-02The Youth Association from Transylvania, ATA is a non-profit youth association which was set up in 2011 by 3 youth workers who have been previously active in local, national and mostly international (Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Program) projects. Using the previous experience, we set up this NGO, with the aim to help develop, promote and represent the general interests of the communities in Transylvania. We achieve this by having social, cultural, sporting, educational, recreational and professional training activities, and thus promoting the active involvement of youth in the perpetuation of ethnic, national and European values.

The objectives of ATA are to

  1. Represent the interests of personal, social, civil, professional, economic, sporting and recreational youth in Transylvania
  2. Ensure youth involvement in the conservation of traditional, folk, cultural and ethnic values in Transylvania, and to promote these values on a national and international level
  3. Improve youth access to opportunities offered for young people on a national, European and international level and offering information on this in our region, and
  4. Collaborate and form partnerships with other groups, associations and foundations in Transylvania, Romania, in the European Union and worldwide.

We have more than 200 members, 10 regular volunteers who help with local activities and 11 European Voluntary Service volunteers. Since 2011 we applied for Youth in Action, Lifelong Learning and now Erasmus+ Program projects and they were approved 8 youth exchanges, 1 democracy project, 3 EVS projects, 1 Grundtvig Workshop and 1 Grundtvig partnership, which we implemented successfully in Romania. We also acted as partners in numerous youth and adult education projects in the EU and not only where we sent out around 200 participants from our target groups. One of these is a “Capacity Building in the youth field” project called “EU-Africa on the Move: For a Smart and Inclusive Growth” which is managed by an Italian NGO, which includes 6 partners, 3 from Europe and 3 from Africa. The present application is a direct result of the activities in that project.

Starting with 2014, we work in close partnership with our Municipality for supporting them and the community in accessing EU grants for developing the community with local projects.

Aventura Marão Clube

Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) is a non profit association created in 1993 by a group of young people from Amarante with the mission to promote healthy lifestyles among the population (especially the youth). Currently AMC has 400 members and remains fully functioning three sections: mountain biking, canoeing and Fair Trade. The last section is responsible, since 1999, for the management of the first Portuguese Fair Trade shop and in particular since 2008 for the management and coordination of the Youth Center of Amarante that already organized more than 50 projects, particularly in Europe, and involved more than 400 young people from Amarante in voluntary activities and international participation. AMC is therefore very committed to the promotion of Europe and its values together among young local community by actively participating in various projects (trainings, seminars, European Voluntary Service, exchanges, workshops, and other project partnerships) under programs such as Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Lifelong (now Erasmus+).

After 5 years working in the Youth Center of Amarante, in 2014 AMC approved a strategy for 2014-2020:

  • We need to seek innovative ways to actively involve young people;
  • We should get more feedback on the needs of the community in order to act as a reference and also leverage the existing technical capacity of local partner institutions;
  • We should promote the European dimension and frame funding opportunities arising from new Erasmus+ Programme.

Considering this, the approved strategy must respond to identified needs and seize new opportunities available, fitting in both cases the priorities arising from the vision we have for our Youth Center. The implementation of this strategy should be based on educational approach that privileges Non Formal Education as a methodology, and encourage the use of experiential methods, surprise activities, including ICT and, finally, use music and outdoor activities as tools for more active involvement of young people in our activities.

Finally, we cannot neglect the strategic pillars that we consider and give coherence and support our work:

  1. Healthy lifestyles;
  2. Sustainable development;
  3. Education for Human Rights;
  4. Initiative and creativity;
  5. Intercultural dialogue, especially with partners outside Europe: Africa and the Caucasus.


logo-mgOur NGO named Minangan was founded in Ketou city in 2011, We manage a not for profit, non-governmental clinic association that helps the families around the region. The clinic has many activities like awareness raising activities (health, primary prevention), general consultations, conception consultation and other more general social and cultural activities. Our main problem is that we do not have enough financial resources and volunteers, who could support us in combating poverty, lack of access to information, HIV, distrust in modern medicine and high child/mother mortality.

We started our activities already before we became an NGO and here are our results so far:

Between 2010-2013:

  • General consultation 2160 persons (adults, children, elders)
  • Prenatal consultation: 1620 women
  • Giving birth in the clinic: 1350 women
  • Family planning sessions in various communities: 39
  • Awareness raising events: 74
  • Cultural events: 6

From 2013:

  • Echography: 360 women
  • Family planning events: 18, 1080 persons
  • Contraception consultations: 396 woman
  • Food advices for children and new born babies: 4860 mother with babies
  • Awareness raising events: 25
  • Hygiene advice meetings: 320 – 17280 persons
  • Cultural events: 4

We have 9 consultation rooms, an event hall and many other facilities which support our activities. Our staff consists of 2 volunteering doctors, 3 nurses and 25 volunteers. We have more than 200 members and until now we accessed regional and national grants to support our activities. We also took part in a few pan-African mobility projects for the development of the skills of our staff.

Associação Amigos do Calhau

logo-de-associacdaoThe Association “Amigos do Calhau” (AAC) is a legal entity of private law and public utility. It’s member of the NGO’s platform in Cape Verde. At this moment has 46 associate members and two permanent employees, counting also with volunteers help. The main goals are the community development, mostly in the sectors of fisheries and agriculture, environmental prevention, education and promotion of the women rights. It has its own headquarters and other buildings like “Casa do Pescador”, a Vocational Training Center (carpentry), a sports hall, a cheese factory and an Environmental Interpretation Center (MARVivo). During its 14 years of existence, the AAC had a close relationship with the communities of S. Vicente and Sinagoga (Santo Antão Island), meeting the needs referred by the locals.

Regarding the environmental field, it has developed awareness campaigns, beach cleaning campaigns along with the schools in the surrounding areas; is a partner of the Municipality in the collection of waste; promotes awareness activities for species in danger of extinction, having built for that the Environmental Interpretation Center (MARVivo) located in Calhau, wich among other things has now an exhibition of the Marine Biodiversity of the Santa Luzia Reserve. It has several times developed monitoring turtles campaigns involving the local population, and has participated in the implementation of the Natural Reserve of Sta. Luzia in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Ministry of Environment of Cape Verde. With these two partners and together with other two environmental NGOs is involved in a 3-year project called “Synergies for the protection of seabirds in AMP Sta Luzia”. It’s also a partner of the National Institute for Fisheries Development (INDP) in annual campaigns for protection of sea turtles and in the organization of seminars, lectures, exchanges, workshops and training activities. In partnership with other associations of S. Vicente, the AAC will initiate the project “Sustainable Tourism with the Integration of Peoples”, financed by the European Union and counting with the partnership of the Municipality of S. Vicente, the association “Amigos da Natureza” and the spanish NGO CERAI.

In addition to our activities, we work to support other associations with fewer human resources and organizational capacity, so in addition to AAC the volunteers will also support other institutions.

The Association “Amigos do Calhau” (AAC) will be committed to:

  • Prepare logistics for reception of the volunteers;
  • Introduce them to AAC, making them a brief description of the local island and the country;
  • Hire a Portuguese – Creole teacher, for 7/10 days, so the volunteers can have an initiation into the language of the land, which will help their integration;
  • Introduce the S. Vicente Island (in the next 10 days) so the volunteers can know the communities, working areas, the partner associations and fishing communities.
  • Ensure their safety and well-being;
  • Make sure that the volunteers academic and personal skills are used;
  • Ensure that they have a safe and effective learning of the Cape Verdean lifestyle.